The charity aim is to improve the quality of life of the local communities including Somali speaking communities especially those living in the north-west London (Brent, Harrow and Ealing) We intend to do this by seeking funding and resources to set key priorities projects identified together with the local communities. These priorities projects identified include

Employment  -  Addressing higher proportion of the local communities who are unemployed by setting up easily accessible centre where support will be provided to help the unemployed .

Education  - help parents to set after school learning/ playing scheme both to improve the children educational attainments as well helping parents .

Youth mentoring  - To support government prevent agenda by working with the youth who may be in danger in being recruited for radicalisation.

Health  - to help local communities access local health and relevant social services including schemes that will improve their health e.g. exercise and fitness classes, and reduce the number of people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure and strokes.

Relief Poverty  - set up initiatives that may reduce poverty.