ZEILA is one of the Oldest cities in East Africa. It was the main trade centre between East Africa and the Indian Continent and the rest of eastern trading areas. In the 19th Century the Europeans have developed other cities in the area, which has diminished its trading connections with the outside world.

It’s population has disbursed and there were no developments attempted by the British Protectorate or the succeeding governments. It’s population includes seasonal pastoral and coastal settlements. There are no hospitals in the area, or existing outpatient hospitals are poorly equipped with rare attendants. The following are non-existent in the area:-
a) Mother and Child;
b) Maternity;
c) General Medical Departments.
This Central Hospital shall receive referred patients from many Outpatient Clinics in the area, in order to save the lives of thousands of people:
Ex. Delivering mothers; snake bites, Scorpion stings, Fractures , High Degree Burns,… etc.